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What’s up!? Thanks for visiting my site, I’m looking to grow, live, learn and discover one interview at a time! I’m on a mission to find out what motivates and inspires, successful people. Through stories, insights and wisdom, I look to gain understanding, knowledge and new perspectives.


Successful people are all around, their notifications of success populate my Facebook newsfeed everyday.  My friends are getting awards and promotions, they are appearing in commercials and movies, they are being published. I have come to know many successful people who have found their own path to success and made it in their own unique way. It made me think, how did my successful peers do it? How did these people get to where they are in life? What is their story and what did it take? With these thoughts in mind, I had a new goal for myself. I wanted to know, what made them tick. What skills, foresight and knowledge did it take? What obstacles and challenges did they face? What is their story and what did it take? I want to know! I mean, who wouldn’t? Let’s find out together, join me on this journey!

Picture 7Originally from Ohio, I was a midwest kid who dreamed of making it big out in Los Angeles.  I graduated with a bachelors degree in Communications from Bowling Green State University and immediately headed out West.

I started my career working at E! Entertainment television. While at E! I learned the essentials of television production and content creation. During this endeavor, I also started my first web-based series a music show that I hosted, edited, wrote and produced, it was called GroundSounds. Through musical performances and interviews, GroundSounds highlighted up-and-coming independent bands and musicians throughout the Los Angeles area. It would eventually evolve into my full-fledged passion project, the global music discovery site!

With a fresh entrepreneurial music start-up on the rise, I transitioned from E!  and moved on to the TV Guide Network, where I worked on the daily entertainment television show Hollywood 411. While at TV Guide, I refined my hosting skills, gaining access to red carpets, and interviewing Hollywood’s elite. Working under tight deadlines, I would later seek career growth working with Hollywood’s leading breaking news source TMZ.


Working under managing editor and lawyer turned journalist Harvey Levin, I started breaking entertainment based news stories and became an on-air correspondent for TMZ. While at TMZ, I gained extensive knowledge of media coverage and I would later take these skills to another leading celebrity news agency- Splash News. Through these endeavors, I also honed my editing, producing, content creation and video marketing skill set. 

Now a family man, I currently reside in Columbus, Ohio, where I raise two beautiful children Layla and Hendrix with the love of my life, Whitney. The dream lives on and big things are on the horizon, so stay tuned! Can’t stop, won’t stop. Rockafella records. 

Fun Fact: Jon has interviewed 8,000+ people from various walks of life!