Persistence pays off Gary Clark Jr. couldn’t getaway

Gary Clark Jr. being whisked away before interview

You see the picture above? This was very close to being a heartbreaking moment for your boy Jon B. Gary Clark Jr. was being whisked away by his manager at the 2017 MusiCares red carpet event, moments before I could get in a quick question. It was an understandable scene. Gary had just talked with countless media outlets, you see, I was towards the end of a long red carpet stroll and Gary was gabbed out.

When your media outlet is placed towards the end of a red carpet event, getting an interview with big names does not always come easy. You must be clever, persistent or just plain smart and informed! In this moment, thankfully, I was a little bit of both. Despite talking to 20+ media outlets (which included CNN, E!, New York Times) ZERO of them discussed Gary’s forthcoming album ‘Live/North America 2016’.  Now, I did not know this at the time but from working in media long enough, I had a good idea that Gary was probably being asked about “what he was wearing” or “who he was rooting for at the Grammys.”  This is why I shouted as he was being whisked away “I am stoked for your new album ‘Live/North America 2016’.

Gary was surprisingly caught off guard by this, his publicist abruptly turned his head and looked me in the eye with an expression that said “O shit, you actually know your stuff,” they both came back and I got the interview!

Gary Clark Jr. Comes Back for an interview with Jon Berrien!

It was a cool moment and Gary’s publicist did indeed confirm that nobody asked him about his forthcoming project and that this was the very reason they came back over to chat!

Always stay persistent never give up, even if it looks like a dream opportunity is escaping or walking away right before your eyes, keep pushing, keep innovating and find ways to move forward and achieve goals. NO EXCUSES. Check out my exclusive GroundSounds interview with Gary below! #grind


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