Fighting fear and switching your mindset for success


Searching for success is one crazy ride, topsy-turvy, up and down, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions mixed with big dreams, big decisions and in many cases FEAR.  Ahhhh that is one of the dreaded ‘f’ words, I prefer ‘friendly’ but fear is one that must be discussed. It is an obstacle that many will face on the way to success. The fear of failing, the fear of others judgement, the fear of the unknown, fear can definitely takeover in many different shapes and forms, this is why it is essential to prepare your mind and have a “winning mindset,” especially when pursuing dreams and goals. You must prepare and armor your mind for the inevitable. Fear is natural, it’s okay to be fearful, it’s how you tackle this fear; that is what separates leaders from the pack.

When tackling adversity or uncertainties of the unknown it is always good to take a step back and look at the big picture. Remind yourself of what you’re truly trying to accomplish, then ask yourself- What is holding me back? Whatever the answer may be, tackle that obstacle, tackle that fear head on. Do not let yourself get in your own way, this happens far too often with many individuals. As humans, we seemingly make way too many excuses as to why we can’t accomplish certain dreams and/or goals. We tell ourselves why we can’t do something rather than figure out creative solutions. Do yourself this favor now and take the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary. Don’t let yourself fall prey to this type of mindset. You will not make it to the finish line if you count yourself out from the beginning. I am a firm believer that we are all capable of greatness but we must first unlock our minds to achieve it. Do not place mental barriers on yourself and do not listen to the naysayers. They will pop up, some will just be plain haters, others may be family or friends. At times you may feel lonely or disconnected, but keep pushing through whatever obstacle is holding you back.

Adversity should be expected. It’s how you handle these difficulties, it’s how you handle unexpected problems and circumstances and most importantly it’s what you LEARN from them, this is what will separate a winner from a loser, this is what will separate success from failure. During these tough times, this is where true character is built.  If you are able to learn from your “losses” in the end they really just become “lessons” to build on. In many cases when you tackle fear head on, you end up realizing that there was nothing to be fearful of in the first place, that this fear was just an illusion. That is a very powerful realization. Fear is a liar.

In the end, fear is really just excitement. The same neurons that fire off in your brain when you’re fearful of something, are the same exact neurons that go off when you are excited about something. If you can undergo a mental mind shift and turn that fear into excitement you will start to feel energized from the new possibilities and future “wins” that your mind will envision. Remember failure was never an option. #grind


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