Musester The New Venture

10 months ago I met a very inspirational, philanthropic, entrepreneur by the name of Johnny Buss. Johnny (former L.A. Sparks President), is son of Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss. He is a one of a kind guy, who is extremely passionate about the arts, and he is currently starting a new venture, Musester is in the works of becoming a large social cross-inspirational network for all artists and entertainers. It is envisioned to be a creative circle of artistic friends that share and inspire each other. There will be many features to the site including castings, contests, and more. Also featured on the site will be original video and radio content- this is where I come in. Johnny has employed me as General Manager of Musester World which covers all aspects of Musester Media. I have full reign to produce, interview, and feature any artist, comedian, musician, or event on the site. With this said if you know anyone or any event that would be great for the site please shoot me a message! Musester will be re-launching mid-May and we will also be going on a cross country tour starting at the end of May, 1st stop is San Fran! I will provide more details about The Musester tour in a later post. Below is a picture of the highly anticipated new!

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