I Signed with KLA!

As you might know for the past 2.5 years I have been working diligently on my hosting reel. Trying to find, create, and book hosting gigs in order to build a hosting reel that will attract a good talent agency, with great agents, to work for me. For those of you who are familiar with the show “Entourage” I was in need of an “ari” an agent that will get me auditions and help choreograph my career. Finding an agent is not easy and finding a good agent with good pull and a great network is even more difficult. This is why I spent 2.5 years working on my reel, finding host work for myself, and gaining the necessary experience to prove that I am worth representing. You only get 1 chance at making a first impression with agencies (obviously) so it was very important to send out the very best. After editing and changing my reel many times I finally felt that the time had come to put myself out there and see what kind of response I would get from agencies. This was very scary for me, if I did not hear back from anyone I thought to myself what would my next move be? What would I do? However, my hard work paid off and I heard from my dream hosting agency Ken Lindner and Associates (KLA). They represent big time host such as Mario Lopez, Matt Lauer, Tom Bergeron, the list goes on….check them out at www.kenlindner.com And after meeting with them I now have their representation and my agent will be assisting me in choreographing my career! This is it is the next step towards success in my ultimate dreams of hosting a national show full time. Check out one of the best letters I ever received!

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